SMART Funds®
A Unique Target Date Fund (TDF) Index Aimed at Fiduciaries

SMART Funds® is the first and only index focused on TDF prudence and performance expectations. It’s the ideal solution for fiduciaries who want to make prudent decisions. SMART Funds® delivers:

  • Low fees
  • Broad diversification at long dates away from the target date
  • Rigorous risk controls near the target date
  • A 2020 Top Performer with a continuous record of proven success going back to 1998

The SMART Design

SMART Funds® follows the patented Safe Landing Glide Path® (patent 8352349) that seeks to preserve the purchasing power of accumulated assets at the target date and asset growth during accumulation.

The SMART Funds® Index is investable as a collective investment fund for eligible qualified retirement plans through the NSCC Fund/SERV. It’s a proven performer with a live track record beginning in 2014 with back-testing to 1998. Learn more (link to fact sheets).

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